3rd Film

What are the four seasons in Idaho? 
Almost winter
still winter
and road construction

I certainly do not miss the snow. But I do find these pictures from our third Holga film quite beautiful. Jack took 80% of these photos. But since this blog has his name on the title I believe it's ok to post them as OUR own. 

Oh snow... if you weren't so cold and deceiving. 

So ready for Summer.


PS: Thank you Brynne for sharing the Idaho weather joke! So true.
PPS: You can see our 1st film here and our 2nd here.


Gabby said...

You're picture are really good! The snow looks beautiful.

kirsten.brooke said...

ain't that the truth about the seasons here!

goooooood grief! said...

sad. but extremety true. tava pensando nisso quando fui pra IF hj!
to animada para nossa pascoa!!!!

Miss Celeste said...

this makes me miss rexburg...i'm def ready for summer. But rexburg just looks like something from a fairytale. I loved walking to school in a white winter wonderland!

AlphabetSoup Style

Brynne said...

Those pictures are great...and you're quite right. The snow is deceiving. It was fun running into you yesterday!

Lauren said...

These photos are wonderful :) I have a fisheye camera from Lomography, but have secretly always wanted a Holga. Cute!

- Lauren

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