During the summer, we bought a little water camera at Target and took awesome pictures with it on our trip to Crab Island, FL. I still need to post those! They are so great. I loved the suspense and the wondering of how they would turn out. When we got the pictures back I fell in love. I love the look of pictures taken with a film camera. They feel and look so nostalgic. I don't understand much about photography but I sure do appreciate that which is pleasing to the eye.
Well I liked them so much Jack got me this "toy camera" the HOLGA for Christmas which is supposed to bring fun and unexpected exposures! Always a surprise. Here is a little gallery. I can't wait to take more pictures with it and get to know its tricks and then share the results with you guys! Isn't it adorable?

tape via
And I was so excited about my present I took 26 pictures within 24 hours (Jack helped me) and developed them as soon as we got back to FL. They look great! I will post them soon!

PS: I think my parents would have laughed at me if they saw me loading my first film. I was so nervous! Haha


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