1st Film

Here are some of the exposures from my first Holga film. Jack took some of them. He is way better at taking pictures than me. These were all taken while we were in Texas.

1. Me in my sunday attire 2. Our dear friend Korby 3. Jack at Gullo's 4. The ornament I made for my mom-in-law out of paper sacks from the grocery store.
It has been a tradition of ours to every year during the Christmas break, pay a visit to Gullo's (important family in the town) decked out house!
Jack dropped my Holga as he ran away from the crazy but beautiful horses that live in our backyard. It was pretty funny but my Holga may or may not be broken. The lens popped up a little and when we popped it back in place we weren't able to switch it from portrait to infinity and in between anymore. We'll see how the pictures turn out the next time we develop the film. Maybe it'll turn out to be a happy accident

Do you like them? I do... Of course they don't even compare to some of the ones i've seen out there but there are many films to come (if the camera is not broken completely! Ha.)



The Marshalls said...

Amei as fotos! Tomara que a camera nao esteja quebrada :)
e finalmente eu botei as fotos do Natal no meu blog :) as you requested ;)

HolgaDirect said...

Great shots! Be sure to check out our Holga dedicated site with articles, interviews and an online store at www.HolgaDirect.com

Happy Shooting!

Rick @ HolgaDirect

Roberta Pavanelo said...

que câmera estilosa!! adorei as fotos também! que bom que o Jack é bom pra tirar fotos! o kiko não acerta uma! hahahaha
beijos! said...

adorei! can't wait until you get here pra gente aprontar bastante!

milaluz said...

Adorei!!! Inclusive a primeira foto! ta linda! Bjos!

Brynne said...

Love the pics! I want to learn more about Holga from you. So excited to have you coming back!

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