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Oh.... hey. Sorry I have completely abandoned this blog for 4 weeks now. But I promise you it is for a good cause: school, work and my husband. Well I have a little list here on a post-it note of all of the things that I NEED to tell you and post about. So stay tuned and every time I want to ignore my home work I will check one of those off my list.

But for today I will catch you up on my nails. :) This nail polish is called Cappuccino by Risqué (again!) Like I have mentioned before, I love nude colors on my nails and I think they are a must in your collection. 

In the picture above I have two coats of Cappuccino on. The other reason why I love nude colors is because when you are leading a busy life like I am right now, the mistakes on the application and the chipping is not as noticeable! ;)

So many things to post about! :)



ashley in wonderland said...

yay! i was wondering what was up, but after talking to you yesterday, i understand why blog was on the backburner :) glad your nails are getting some TLC!

Miss Celeste said...

i'm so glad your back! i've been wondering where you were at :]

AlphabetSoup Style

Kari said...

i love nude nails too, but everyone of my friends think i'm crazy. i'm glad you're on my side! :)

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