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Last week I decided to tone it down and go for something more subtle. Which worked out well because I ended up having a job interview that week. This nail polish is definitely in my top 5. I love this nude color and I have to thank Anna for introducing it to me. It's from Brazil and it is called Chic Pele (as in skin, not Pelé like I thought it was. Haha) from Colorama. It has a light pink and purple undertone. 

Again, forgive my ridge-y nails. 
I have two coats on and it was enough. It is really glossy and that is something I love about Brazilian nail polish. It started chipping after 4 days, but I was doing some deep cleaning, so that might be the reason why. 

And speaking of nude, I have been looking for a nude (and also a red) lipstick for my skin tone. Do you have any suggestions?


PS: Do you like the new look on the blog???


tatton.kirsten.brookelyn.ethan said...

okay, so every time (every single time!) you post about your new nail color, i want to go get some! keep the suggestions coming, because i'm loving it! my current nail polish (maybelline) always chips...so, i'm excited to try yours out!

also? your blog layout has always been tres cute. cute in a good way...the design is super classy.


ashley in wonderland said...

the blog looks great and perfect for February!

Roberta Pavanelo said...

eu gostei da COR do blog!!! eu tenho tentado fazer sozinha minha unha, mas ainda tenho que praticar muito pra ficar bom... ai ai!
vou te mandar a receita da sopa de espinafre, que é mais um creme na verdade, É DELICIOSA, espero que goste! um beijo, adoro seu blog!

Kell e Well said...

Eu nem compro mais esmalte, porque nao sou muito abilidosa no que se refere a arte de fazer as unhas... mas um dia eu aprendo.. heheh.

De qualquer forma, adorei essa cor... Depois de estudar 7 anos em colegio militar eu aprendi a apreciar mais as cores neutras (ja que eram as unicas que eu podia usar)

Tambem adorei a nova cara do blog. Bem delicada!

Rael Silva said...

Jenny. Um amorzinho tua unha. vc disse que ia fazer sempre e está mesmo né!

E eu adorei o novo layout do blog! Está um amor!!!


Prickbella said...

Jenny linda a cor da sua unha,acho legal o formato da sua unha tbm.Seu blog ficou bem delicadinho,gostei.


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