Kevin William

I think I mentioned briefly not long ago that we had gone down to UT to visit my family. Well, my little brother Kevin is going to serve a two year mission for our church and so we have been trying to spend some time together before he leaves.

1. Kevin William, isn't he a cutie? 2. Part of my family back in April.

Kevin is my one and only brother and I truly admire him for putting up with three other sisters his whole life.
I admit now that life was quite unfair to him a lot of times, like voting for what movie we were going to watch as a family or the fact that every time he would play soccer with his friends, an injury hurt a lot more than to those boys who had brothers to wrestle and quarrel with. Or the fact that all the girls would team up against him when there was an argument.

watching him open his mission call through Skype. So cute.
Kevin got called to serve in the São Paulo Interlagos Mission. And he is supposed to leave in October but is trying to turn in a petition to leave earlier (don't blame him... probably sick of us. haha).
I am determined to spoil him when he leaves on his mission, so he can get the advantage of having three sisters. I love this boy and I am so proud of him. ...... I am going to miss him so much.


Happy Memorial Day everyone.


Ashley said...

So sweet - your pride for him really comes across. Best wishes to him. :)

Bruna said...
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Bruna said...

hooray, congrats!! Jenny, i love your blog! very cute :)) said...

ai logo logo é o David! To super anciosa!!! E ele pediu pra fazer um blog e cuidar do facebook dele enquanto ele estiver na missao! :o)

Patty said...

QUe legal Jenny!!! Parabens pro Kevin!!Ja contei pro Jason. Saudades de voces! Beijo grande!

Laís said...

Jenny!! agora eu tambem tenho blog!!!
que delicia ler sobre voce seeempre que eu quiser!!
morro de saudades!

Laryssa said...

Aiiii Jenny essa é a melhor época, preparativos e mais preparativos até realmente chegar a hora da partida, que dor no coração (drama mode on) depois o tempo vai passando e logo logo acostumamos, porque sabemos que esses "pestes" de irmãos mais novos estão no lugar certo! :D

Laís said...

Imagine se o Andre vai pra sp junto com o Kevin?! Ai guria! que legal ne? a gente era tão criança e estamos crescendo!!!! que delicia!!!!

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