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Last week I painted my nails with Wicked by Essie. And let me tell you that Essie and I are becoming pretty good friends. Especially because yesterday I was at Walmart and when I was looking through their nail polish section I discovered that they now carry Essie nail polish! We are on our way back to the middle of nowhere so it is good to know that I will be able to find them at the local Walmart (or will I?). 

When I paint my nails dark or red or any color that is really contrasting, I like to file them down as short as I can get. :) I think it looks better.
I got this one at Ulta with the Matte About You from the previous Nails post. It was on clearance too! Yes!
Now back to Wicked, in the pictures above, I applied three coats. What I love about this nail polish is that it's not too thick. Which makes it really versatile/cooperative. The down side is that you have to apply more coats, which may be my lack of skills  but when I applied two coats it was too streaky. It lasted me a whole week without any chipping. Even after I "deep cleaned" the house in Florida before we turned it in. I am impressed!

I hadn't bought/worn dark nail polish since High School, so I think this was a good addition to my collection. I like the wine color, it's a good winter nail polish. Do you have a favorite Winter nail polish color?



Rael Silva said...

Jenny, eu estudo design de moda =)
e o rael design gráfico! é uma casa de designers essa nossa hehehe!!

Nossa, meu cabelo é tão liso, que pro casamento de uma amiga eu fui ao salao fazer um penteado, ela nem tinha entrado e meu cabelo já tava caido! hehehehe


Brynne said...

I almost NEVER paint my nails, but you have inspired me to possibly try it again. We should do it together!! I'm terrible at picking out colors. I don't usually do the super dark colours because of my pale skin, but maybe the contrast would be cool.

Olivia.Dee said...

i need to try Essie... I've been seeing it everywhere!

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