On the road again

2,328 is the number of miles we will be driving this week. I love road trips but I am pretty sure that by the end of this one I will temporarily have a change of mind about it. Thank goodness we have two lovely stops on the way, to see our dear families in Houston and Orem.
We are on a week long road trip (see map below). 
It's good to see everyone updating their blogs, I think there was a little pause after the holidays. I felt a little lonely without hearing from everybody. I guess I need to get a life.... FAST!


It's getting colder and colder the further we move away from Florida. :( I shall miss you dearly, Sunshine State.


Roberta Pavanelo said...

Nossa Jenny! Boa Sorte na viagem, isso é que eu chamo de pegar a estrada! muitas conversas com o Jack, leve coisinhas pra ler para vcs dois e muita musica! Eu não sei transferir miles para kilometros, mas me parecem MUITOS!!
Espero que chegues bem!
um beijão

Rael Silva said...

Jenny! Boa viagem!

Eu tb adoro estradas! Curta bastante sua familia que assim, vc nem vai sentir a viagem =p


Brynne said...

So excited to have you coming back to the burg! I have made that drive twice and it is intense, but fun. Can't wait to see you! Love your blog more each time I see it!

Bryan and Audrey said...

Nossa, que viagem, hein! Mas vale a pena...agora vcs vao voltar pra REXBURG! hehehe...quem sou eu pra falar...logo logo estamos nos voltando pra lah! Facam uma boa viagem!!!

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