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I was once upon a time a cat hater. And don't you lie to me, I bet you are one too. Did you know that 8 out of 10 people hate cats? And 4 out of those eight people are haters due to being allergic to cats and the other 4 because of Lucifer from Cinderella? ( I just made all of this up, so don't quote me).

But I do believe that those two, truly were the reasons why I hated cats. Cat sitting Lili for 6 months made me realize that the reason why people usually hate cats (their personalities) is the reason why I love them (at least most of them). Well, let me introduce you to this little guy, and you might just change your mind:


Oliver is the cutest thing you will ever meet. My parents found him in their backyard and we have all fallen in love.

Don't worry, this blog won't turn into a cat blog. But since I don't have any kids I feel like I should/can brag about our first pet.

What about you? Are you a cat hater, or lover?



Adriana Marshall said...

Sorry, I'm a cat hater. Well, I don't like the word hate, do maybe a really dislike them. My reasons? I'm allergic and scared of them. I feel like I can't trust them, that they will suddenly attack me and scratch my face and I will bleed to death. BUT I do think that they are one of the most beautiful animals on earth. Beautiful and evil!

AmandaB. said...

Cat LOVER! I'd totally be a cat lady. But this is recent. I never really had pets growing up so I didn't really have an option about cats. But now that I have one, I am a LOVER. And Oliver is no different, he is so flippin adorable.

Margot Crandall said...

I have to admit I am a cat hater. We had one when I was younger, and my mom claimed he had cancer and put him down.

Margot Crandall said...

PS. Your guy is pretty cute though!

Shaylen said...

I am a cat hater unless it is an outside cat. Then I tolerate them. I will let them sit on my lap outside occasionally, but honestly it depends on the cat. My grandma used to own 100+ cats, so that is probably part of where my dislike comes from.

Shaylen said...

PS: Oliver is adorable and from the looks of the pictures he seems to have a cute personality.

Thali said...

Que fofurinha!
Eu era até pouco tempo atrás uma "cat hater", mas do nada o Gui e eu começamos a pensar sobre a possibilidade de um gatinho aqui com a gente. Chegamos a escolher até nome, mas ainda não tivemos coragem de adotar/comprar um.
E o Oliver é lindo! Amei! Posso dizer que mudei de lado!!
Bjoo! :)

Bruna said...

Gatinhos sao ótimos companheiros... O pessoal nao gosta muito porque eles nao sao tao dependentes quanto os cachorros - o que também é uma vantagem em viagens, porque eles ficam bem sozinhos por alguns dias... Mas pode ter certeza que eles sao muito amorosos. Tenho 2 gatinhas, e elas sao super queridas!

E o Oliver é muuuuito fofo!!!


Patty said...

Jenny!!! que saudade de voce!! Jeff has a cat too and his name is OLIVER!!! :) He is huge and lazy....just like Jeff... :)

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