Very lucky indeed.

Meet Lili. She doesn't 'meow' she 'mews', it's the cutest thing. It makes her sound like a lady, so feminine. Jack and I are house and cat-sitting for a couple of months. I am allergic to cats but I don't mind taking Claritin (non-drowsy) everyday to have this fur ball cuddling on our laps and running around the house. She moves like a ninja and every move is premeditated. She is as stubborn as they come, but I love her so very much.

Envelope via PP, Tape via PP

Name: Queen Liliuokalani Wilson (named after a Hawaiian queen + our friends and owners Katie and Kris' last name)
Favorite toy: Jack's old guitar strings
Favorite spot: Top of the stairs where she can look over her kingdom
Quirk: Hide under the coffee table and attack vulnerable legs that are walking by.

Even though she is a black cat we are very lucky, because she is the coolest feline. I understand why Katie misses her. 


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