Nirvana (not the band)

    noun /nərˈvänə/  /nir-/
    A state of perfect happiness; an ideal or idyllic place

    What is the first place that comes to your mind when you think of this definition? I would have to say Crab Island, FL where we were one year ago for Labor Day.

    What are you doing for Labor Day (or 7 de Setembro) this year? I am still not sure. 

    Either way, have a wonderful loooong weekend!



The Marshalls said...

Well, I think of Del Coronado Island, CA. Loved that place!!! I was there 11 months ago.

And I will spend my 7 de setembro fazendo compras e jantando com amigos especiais :)

Malin said...

Ah, that looks like an amazing place to be!!!

Laís said...

Amiga, dia do trabalho aqui é 1o de maio. 7 de setembro é dia da independencia do Brasil! ahahahahaha
lugar lindo, quero ir tambem!!!

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