Almost 3 months later.

Wo.... I am a little scared to post again since it has been so long (almost 3 months, which in the blogging world probably means 3 YEARS!). And look at blogger... since when has it looked this slick and fancy?

Well I decided that a nice way to ease into the blogging world would be to participate in this little thing called the August Break,  I wanted to start August 1st but Jack and I are in the process of moving for the third time this year (I advise you to never do that. EVER).

My summer officially started yesterday, so now I can sit and enjoy my little blog that I missed so much. I will probably post one picture a day until September 15th. That way I feel like I can update my blog and still participate in the fun August break.

But here is my first picture:

I think most of you have seen this picture, it was taken at Nicole and Eric's wedding in Sacramento (may 14th). Jack had just started wearing glasses and I just think he looks oh so classy in a bow tie.  :)



Ashley said...

You guys look adorable. :)

I was happy to see this post pop-up in my reader!

Bruna said...

yay ive missed you and your blog :) cute picture

Ellen Raquel said...

Hotties. Saudade Jenny!Isso aí, escreve bastante pra gente matar um pouquinho da saudade!Beeijo!

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