2 years ago and Much {MUCH} love monday.

04.11.09 at the Salt Lake City Temple where we got married- My wedding ring. That's right. Three heart shaped diamonds. 

That's right. Jack and I have been married for 2 years. TWO YEARS!
After hearing about my anniversary that was coming up someone from work told me that all of my enthusiasm and happiness would wear out after ten years of marriage. Here is what I think:

2 years of marriage = bliss
10 years of marriage = 2 years of marriage X 5
10 years of marriage = bliss X 5 
10 years of BLISS COMPLETE!

Oh how I love Jack and our adventurous married life.


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Autie J. said...

What a great perspective! I love your blog, and you two are adorable. I'm so happy that YOU'RE so happy. :)

Ashley said...

You ring is precious. Congratulations to you both! :)

kirsten.brooke said...

I love this mentality of marital bliss expanding exponentially throughout the years! That's just the way it ought to be!

Congrats on year number two, and to many many MANY more!


Miss Celeste said...

wow 2 years already?!
time flies :]

Rael Silva said...

2 anos já!!! NOSSA!!
Como é bommm ser casada né! Eu amo!
E ameii seu anel!
UM beijinho


Alexis Kaye said...

you are too cute! what a beautiful picture! And ring! Happy anniversary!

ashley in wonderland said...

Love such sound logic.

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