Nails Nails

Jack's band, Old Money has had some busy weekends with their CD release show coming up. Which means that Ashley and I have spent a lot of time together. One of our little projects was to try out this tutorial which resulted in this:
We did use regular alcohol instead of Vodka. So maybe that is why it didn't turn out as good. We might have to pay a visit to the liquor store to try again. But I do like how it looks and Ashley's looked a lot better than mine. 
The nail polish I used was Lilac Pastelle by Revlon. I LOVE this color but I am not a huge fan of Revlon nail polish. I find it really hard to get it to look smooth/even. But again, it might be my lack of skills. In the picture above I have two coats of LP and a base coat on top of the newspaper transfer. :) I hope you guys like it. Fun tutorial!

❤ Jenny

PS: Sorry about my cuticles. (They look awful) I have stopped removing them (terrible habit developed when I was first exposed to manicures... probably age 11!) Sue me. Haha bare with me until they go back to normal.


Rael Silva said...

Amei Jenny!

Pri Albuquerque said...

Adorei esse, alias adoro suas postagens "nails nails" .


Christina said...

haha, no worries i do the exact same thing! love the color tho!


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