5 hearts

Just because Valentine's day was yesterday. And I might just make it an every month thing.

I Stewart's Diet Root Beer (It seriously tastes like a root beer float and it doesn't taste diet AT ALL).

 getting crafty for Valentine's.

I ❤ how warm it has been.

I ❤ Pinterest
If you would like an invite leave me your e-mail address and I'll invite you. This is THE BEST for keeping track of all of the cute things you find on the internet. For inspiration and etc. I'm hooked!

my main squeeze: Jack



Kayde said...

I love that Pinterest thing!! Could I get an invite that is exactly what I need.
love the blog!

Julie said...

Hi Jenny!!!! Quanto tempo :)
Seu blog esta very cute!!!
eu tb adoro root beer e o Vini acha q sou louca :)
Funny vc dizer que gosta do Pinterest.. umas 3 weeks ago eu added meu email la pedindo um invite, e ateh agora nada.... to louca pra saber what the buzz is all about!!! Manda um invite pra mim, plz?? julie.leite@gmail.com

Avisa quando vc estiver pelos lados de ca, i haven't seen you in forever!!!!

ashley in wonderland said...

i heart heart heart heart heart this idea!!!

danip said...

Oh I had never heard of Pinterest! I would love to have an invite: atpitp@gmail.com.


p.s. your blog is cute! i found you through ashley.

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