Nails Nails

'Tis the season of love! So I started this month with some red nail polish. A-List by Essie. I was inspired by this post! Isn't Kirsten Dunst adorable? And I love her SHORT and small finger nails!

I wore three coats. And as usual it has been a week and it barely started to chip. Go Essie! It looks like this bright red under natural lighting but it darkens up quite a bit under artificial lighting.

Jack and I decided that we would switch back and forth on who is going to plan whatever special occasion it is. And I got Valentine's Day. I had all these ideas, I kind of gave up on them and now I am panicking because I don't know what I am going to do. What are you doing for Valentine's day? Help! 



Miss Celeste said...

hey cute girly! I L-O-V-E this nail polish! I never paint my nails because it always chips like the next day so I just gave up hope! Maybe I'll give this stuff a go. But for you and Jack's vday maybe you could teach him how to partner dance? ;] haha
thats one thing I'm glad abt vday, i dont have to plan for anything. Well sort of, I have to scrounge around in my room for something red or pink to wear..which is sometimes an impossible feat.
But i bet you will come up with something super cute and clever! Personally if it were me, i'd start the day off making banana pancakes and singing Jack Johnson together...I'm kinda of a sap for that song

milaluz said...

Jenny ... eu tambem amo vermelo! Essa cor esta linda! Ate me inspirei a fazer as unhas essa semana!rsrsr

Shaylen said...

Your fingernails are cuter! :D

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