{belated} Nails Nails

I would like to apologize for not posting on Wednesday. But here it is! Nails Nails of the week. All sorts of pink and reds this month. This one is called One of a Kind by EssieAshley was kind enough to let me borrow it after I fell in love with it. Under artificial lighting it has an amazing orange undertone. And you can't really tell on these pictures but its a pretty coral red. I love coral

I have three coats on and I am not sure if it is because I kind of did my nails in a hurry but it started chipping within 3 days.

So, I am looking for the perfect turquoise nail polish. Like.... Navajo turquoise. I always go shopping wearing my Navajo ring to compare it to the turquoise nail polishes out there. Haven't found one yet. Do you know of any?
There is this brazilian nail polish website called Unha Bonita (pretty nail) and they teach you how to do this 'misturinha' (little mix) to make the perfect turquoise color. I might try to do it if I can't find one.   :)


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mjMuffin said...

turquoise is such a hard color to match especially because there's like deeper blue toned ones or lighter ones. I like Essie Turquoise & Caicos & China Glaze for Audrey is kind of turquoiseyy.

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