Paper love

It has been a little while since I finished this little project. But I thought I would share with you since I was really proud of it. It is an origami Kusudama flower ball. I decided to give it to my mother-in-law so she could hang it in her Christmas tree. Remember this picture? That's what it was. 
I love almost anything japanese and folding paper is therapeutic to me. I have a goal in life of becoming really good at wrapping presents. You can easily find tutorials online on how to make this ball. It might look intricate but it is really easy, the only thing is that you have to do A LOT of folding. So if you have some spare time this is a good little project.

What I used:
-Elmer's glue
-2 Winn Dixie grocery paper bags
-12" of string
-A lot of spare time

I didn't spend any money doing this project, since I had all of the materials. :) Here is a video I found on YouTube but there are many others if you search for 'Kusudama flower ball' or 'Origami flower ball'. I hope I have time this year to make some for our Christmas tree. Yay for crafts. I need to get back on my crafting mood. I have many ideas for Valentines Day. :)

I just realized that this is my first post about me being crafty. 


Barbara said...

Que lindo Jeninha!!acho q eu vou tentar fazer isso pra esse Natal...ficou tao delicado! (So nao parece mto facil,mas se vc diz q é,entao eu confio em vc)
ALias eu ia te perguntar...a mto tempo atras eu li q vc mudou de major...qual e o teu major agora?quando vc se forma??
Saudades de vc...eu comprei uns esmaltes pra anna ontem e lembrei de vc...tem alguma cor especial daqui que vc quer experimentar?eu mando pela familia da Anna...

bjus mil


Rael Silva said...

Jenny, que gracinha.
Eu tive uma ideia ja que vc adora coisinhas tipo origadmi.

Me manda seu endereço com CEP.

Adorei o post.


Se quiser mandar por e-mail

Brynne said...

I seem to remember helping you with an Interior Design project that did this...good memories! Fun pictures!

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