These gloomy days here in Idaho are giving me the blues. Every time I have to pack or unpack our life away, I curse our nomad/gypsy lives.
My whole life was filled with moving. I graduated High School at the 10th school I attended in my academic years. You would think I would be used to it. But every time is the same thing, I don't know what to expect or how long I will be staying there. It's like a first day of school. I try not to get too attached because soon I will be somewhere else, it never works. Jack and I have had six different addresses since we've been married.

As I was driving to Idaho (somewhere in NM, while Jack laid in the passenger seat aching from another migraine) I  wondered where we would be in 10 years. Will we still be involved in this unstableness? Where will we be? 
I always dream of a house with big windows where I can paint the walls, hang pictures and get crazy designing/renovating every room of the house, where we can grow old and raise our family. Even though this dream house and family seem really far away I like to dream, and I know that I am not the only one.
As long as I am with Jack I know I am home.  And that is why I am in Idaho, was in Florida, stayed in Alabama and lived in Ohio.

Ironically this song played in the xm radio when I was having these crazy thoughts. 

♩♫"Home is wherever I'm with you". ♬♪


PS: I forgot to mention it on my last post. Jack's band Old Money is playing tonight at Sammy's at 8pm. They are headlining so you can get there a little later if you would like ;). Oh yeah, did I mention Sammy's has amazing Pie Shakes? Mint Oreo is my favorite.

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