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Nothing like this nail polish to help me get rid of the winter blues. Haha some call it party in a bottle, Jack calls it Unicorn sneeze, my mom called it 'Carnaval'. I asked Santa for the Deborah Lippmann- Happy Birthday nail polish but they were sold out at the time. And as I was researching it online I found out that they came out with a dupe that instead of $18 was $4.99 (Milani- Gems). I looked in over 5 CVSes to try to find it and when I was about to give up I found the last bottle of Gems they had in the store (in TX). :)

Before that I had gone to a Nordstrom to see if they had 'Happy Birthday', but they only had the tester so I painted my thumbnail with it and stared at it thinking I would never be able to find HB or Gems. A day after I found Gems!
Sorry it is not a good picture. And YES that is Jack's (giant) thumbnail. Hahaha
So they are pretty much identical. The only thing different I noticed was that HB has a little pink glitter that Gems does not. Which I think is worth the $13 difference. ;)
It is not that hard to apply I was able to get plenty of glitter with two coats (HB took me 3 coats). The surface stays a little rough because of the glitter. I tried a coat of clear nail polish on top to smooth it but it started chipping the same day. So I would leave it the way it is. The worst part is removing it, the bottle says to use acetone based nail polish remover because it is hard to get this thing off your nails! Here  and here are other blogs better comparing the two.

I know this might not be the nail polish for everyone. But I just love some sparkle on my nails!


PS: Check out my friend Ashley's Giveaway!!! I think I NEED this $25 gift card.


Rael Silva said...

Jenny, pela foto são identicos!!

Eu to usando alguns esmaltes foscos nessas semanas!

To adorando!


ashley in wonderland said...

bahaha jack told me about this event. he said he was glad you painted his nail with his favorite polish. then he said that he hated the fact that he had "a favorite polish..."

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