Forgotten {best} friends

Chapped lips, dry skin, staticky hair, frozen toes and runny nose.
❄We are back in Idaho!❄  

Lots of unpacking, cleaning and grocery shopping to do. Probably the last 3 things I want to do after driving across the country

And even after temporarily forsaking these two, I can still count on them. They are always there for me. That is what I call a Best Friend.

Happy Winter!



The Marshalls said...

Welcome back!
No domingo eles leram os nomes de todos os "novatos" na ala, e eu fiquei feliz em ouvir Jack and Jenny Thomas! and I raised my hand to support you guys :)
Minha companheira de VT mudou-se. Talvez eu tenha sorte de ter vc de volta haha (maybe that sounded a little creepy neh haha) said...

E eu nao sou best friend?! snif snif

Yay que ja chegou! Quando que voce vem me visitar!?

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