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Last week I wore this beauty as we drove from Florida to Idaho (I know you must be tired of hearing about it). OPI- Done Out in Deco. This is my first OPI nail polish (or should I say Lacquer?) and I LOVE it. I had heard wonderful things about it and they are true! It has been a week and it barely started to chip. What I love most about it is the size of the brush. In two strokes you have your nail covered.
Sorry about the quality of the picture on the right! Also it looks pretty dark. It is a little lighter most of the time.
In the pictures above I have two coats of it on and it was plenty, since it is pretty thick.

I had been looking for a lavender/lilac color and I found this one in the clearance section at Ulta for $3! Score! I am going to miss Ulta. I don't care much about what nail polish collection/color is in. I wear whatever I am in the mood for. So I get really happy when I find a color that I like for less than half of the original price (who doesn't?!).


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Jacob and Pierina said...

ohh i love that color!!! what/where is ulta??? i get my nail polish at forever for like 2 bucks but they chip pretty fast :(

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