I got him! I got him good!

When we first got married Jack found out that I sleep talked. And he would take advantage of me by asking me questions when I started talking at night and then tell the family (and sometimes friends) about it.  How cruel! Well last night after an 8 hour drive (there and back) to pick up our new car he was exhausted. So he went to bed and I stayed up for another hour or two. I snuck into the bedroom ready to go to bed and here is the dialogue:

Jenny: (tiptoes into the bedroom)
Jack: I figured...
Jenny: (surprised) Figured what?
Jack: That you wouldn't like it
Jenny: (realizing that this was her chance to get him back) Like what?
Jack: The family rug... mat.
Jenny: Family rug? You mean the mats for the car?
Jack: Yes (matter-of-factly) 
Jenny: (giggling now) But I haven't seen it where did you get it?
Jack: Tom...
Jenny: Tom?
Jack: Tom Landry (Here is a link so you know who Tom Landry is)
Jenny: (Laughing out loud... I couldn't help it) Who is Tom Landry? (I really didn't know, but I had heard the name before, and I had a feeling he didn't sell rugs.)
Jack: (Getting upset) You know exactly who he is! (I think he started waking up right here)
Jenny: No I don't (Laughing hard) I GOT YOU! You are not even awake.
Jack: I AM COMPLETELY AWAKE. (He wasnt screaming just acting really annoyed.)
Jenny: Oh really? Then what were you talking about? Because I have no idea.
Jack: You know.... the guy we called yesterday about the car! (I think here he was awake but he has know idea what we talked about 1 minute ago) 
Jenny: No idea. But if you want me to tell you what just happened...
Jack: SHHHHHH.... I'm trying to sleep.
Jenny: Ok.... I love you
Jack: (reluctantly) love you.
Jenny: (giggle giggle until I fell asleep)

I got him. I got him good!

This morning when I told him, he laughed and told me who Tom Landry was (Tom is brought up many times in his favorite TV show, "King of the Hill"). And then he blamed it on the lack of sleep and the 3 month long car shopping! I can't even tell you how many people we called and visited so we could find the perfect car. And we finally found it. I am so excited to drive a car 11 years younger than the old Tahoe. :)


PS: Jack sleep eats, something I will have to tell you about later.


:o) said...

hahaha que engracado. Eu tb falo mto, e o Johan tb sempre took advantage of it! Mas ultimamente eu so ronco... e ele tb. inclusive ontem a gente tava imitando o ronco um do outro! hahaha foi engracado!

que carro que vcs compraram!?

Jacob and Pierina said...

hahaha that is so funny!!! are you guys back yet?!?

Ashley de Jong said...

So you really need to Post about that ps comment! This was hilarious I was laughing the whole time. I really miss you guys!

Brynne said...

I love sleep talking/walking stories! I'm a big sleep talker/walker, so it's always funny to read about some of the silly things that other say. Thanks for sharing! I'll be sure to tease Jack the next time I see him. ;)

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