Happy 2011!

A little late on wishing you all a Happy New Year! My mom always told me that years that are odd numbers were years when wonderful events happened. I and all of my siblings were born in odd numbered years, she got married in an odd numbered year and so did I! So I have great expectations for the year of 2011. I filled a whole page of my journal with things that I need to do (and not do) to be a better person this year, so here are just a few of my resolutions.

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Rael Silva said...

Jenny, Feliz 2011 pra vc tambem!

Que vc consiga realizar todas as suas metas.

Beijos, Cami

Anna said...

eu tb ja fiz minhas metas pra esse ano. e uma delas tb é work out 3x a week.

e guess what?! eu ganhei o zumpa for ps3!!! soooooo I'm thinking you're going to have to come over a lot so we can zumba together! que tal?

e eu secretly tb sonho em correr um 5k. but not this year.

qndo que vcs chegam?!?!!?

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