Running Buddy

Tall, dark and handsome. Meet Pablo.
When I get bored I go running but not to be healthy, just to cancel out all the junk food I eat throughout the day. Well one day I went running and this little guy started following me. He followed me the whole route and hung out at the front yard for about 3 hours. The next week he was on a leash. And would just bark and cry when I'd run pass his house. Well last week he was out and about again and every time I go running he shows up from nowhere! Its really funny and it always scares me since I usually have my ipod in and I cant hear him sneaking up on me. He keeps up with me and acts as if I was his owner. He has a really graceful way of jumping (it's as if he were frolicking). I dislike the fact that he has to pee on everything that is perpendicular to the horizon and he tries to bite cars' tires as they drive by. But I enjoy his smiling  company. I named him Pablo

Only Jack knows how much I want a puppy. We have decided that as soon as we move to a town where housing actually allows pets we are going to find the perfect Boston Terrier for us.  



Margot Crandall said...

This is so cute! I'm proud of you for going running! And I love running with dogs, mine is usually too lazy to run with me though. I will dog sit for you whenever you need me to!

Rael Silva said...

Jenny, eu também estou correndo topdos os dias ultimamente. Mas eu porque TENHO que emagrecer! heeheh

Eu também quero muito um puppy! Mas como moro em apto prefiro deixar a vontade pra depois! hehehe


Anna said...

hahaha adorei teu novo header... so agora que eu percebi entao nao sei qnto tempo q vc mudou!

ah... e no teu "about page" eu nao nenhuma mencao de ahem... ME... nem de seams...

j/k. about the seams that is... :oP

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