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Right now we are living in the panhandle of Florida, some people like to call it the Alabama extension because it certainly does not feel like "Florida" it feels like we are in the deep south (which we are) about 15 minutes from Georgia and 20 from Alabama. 

My first sunday at church, the Bishop wanting to introduce Jack and I as a couple to the ward, had us stand up and said something like "Jack and Jennifer (emphasis on JENNIFER), she goes by Jenny but when I say it together I should probably say Jennifer." And then he laughed and so did the congregation and we were completely clueless. That night he invited us over to have dinner at his house. When we were at his house he brought up what happened at church and apparently he noticed our "HU?!" faces. And he explained to us that in the south they call a male donkey  a Jack and a female donkey a Jenny. Haha what are the chances. I had no idea! And so when I got home I decided to do research it. And sure enough in the dictionary it says:

jack 1 |jak| 
12 the male of some animals, esp. a merlin or an ass.

jenny |ˈjenē| 
noun ( pl. -nies) 
1 a female donkey or ass.

A male donkey or ass is called a jack, a female a jenny (via Wikipedia)

So I decided to play with it and come up with a header that had something to do with our new discovery. I have always thought donkeys were adorable. I mean... look at it!!! I love its eyes, ears and nose!

There you go, I hope you guys like the new header. Sorry I change my blog so often. Always trying to improve it.



Anna said...

eu adorei! you should get a picture of a jack and a jenny an make it your christmas card this year! hahahahah

Jacob and Pierina said...

i love it!!! we miss you guys!

milaluz said...

Que sarro!!!Agora que entendi a foto do burrinho que vc colocou!rsrs

Roberta Pavanelo said...

ai menina, essa foi boa heim!!

MR. and MRS. Brian Pfister said...

Jenny! That story is so funny! I would have been confused in church as well. Good thing your Bishop told you why everyone was laughing. LOVE YOU LADY!!

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