I left my heart in Florida.

Putting my head down on the pillow on that empty bed and Sundays are what I dread the most when my other half is away from me. Today was our first Sunday apart. Thankfully, I survived. At church a girl gave a talk and she talked about how people will publicly announce their love for their spouse or family and forget to let them (the ones they love) know about it. I think I am the opposite and I am pretty sure Jack is sick of hearing it from me in every format possible (text, letters, phone calls, .pdf, .docx, etc.) and like I have mentioned before, I am not the type of person that displays affection publicly but today I just want the world to know that I love this man. Yesterday marked our one year and five months of being married. This picture was taken when we were dating. I can always tell the difference between him and his identical twin brother in pictures of when they were little, if Jack is biting his bottom lip, just like this picture. It is one of my favorite of him. I can't wait to see him, whenever that might be. Hopefully in no longer than two months.



Rael Silva said...

Awww, que post lindo Jenny!!!


Roberta Pavanelo said...

Que amoooooor, dá pra ver o quanto vc o ama, e tenho certeza que ele te ama muito também, toda vez que o kiko viaja eu percebo o quanto o amo! estar longe faz isso com a gente!!

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