Jenny Cooks?

My poor mother. So many times she tried to teach me how to cook, and as much as I wanted to learn, it never happened. I am the kind of person that has to follow the recipe word by word, but I hope to some day be so good at cooking I can just add a pinch of this and a bit of that and I will have some delicious meals, I also hope to be able to cook something good with what I have at home, improvise, instead of having to have everything that a recipe calls for. 

A couple of weeks ago my mother-in-law sent me a link to this website called The Pioneer Woman, in this website she shares recipes step-by-step! We have tried quite a few and they are amazing. Not to mention she is really funny and her pictures are amazing! 

I was telling a friend about the website and she said she had heard of it and told me about two other website she loves and now I love them too. We have tried recipes from these three websites and none of them have failed! The other two are Smitten Kitchen and Joy the Baker!

Here are some of the recipes I have tried and they are GOOD!
From the Pioneer Woman:
Mexican Rice so easy and it goes with the enchiladas! 

From Smitten Kitchen:

From Joy the baker:
S'more Icebox Candy Bar (Didn't make it but friend did and it was amazing and she said it was really easy!)
Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies (Didn't make this one either but my friend made it and it was sooo good!)

I hope that during my summer break I get to cook a lot so I can get some practice. I just love these 3 websites and I really wanted to share with you! 

Tonight we are going to make Key Lime Coconut Cake from Smitten Kitchen! I will let you know how it turns out!



Rael Silva said...

Jenny! quando eu casei, minha mãe conseguiu me ensinar algumas coisinhas, depois de casada aprendi com o Rael, e hoje eu AMO cozinhar! Eu sigo receitas, faço por mim mesma... com o tempo a gente pega o jeito...você vai ver! Vou entrar nesses sites!!


Rael Silva said...

Ah, Jenny, na minha página tem um ícone só com blogs de culinária...a maioria americano! Então sinta-se a vontade e de uma olhada!!

Beijos, Cami

Roberta Pavanelo said...

Demorei para engrenar na cozinha depois que casei, hoje eu adoro!
fico babando no pioneer woman!
quero ver fotinhos das suas comidas heim? beijos!

Leslie said...

Thanks for the ideas! I am always looking for new stuff to cook. Miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

Eu adoro cozinhar.. o problema agora eh so tempo mesmo!!! Coloca as fotos das suas comidinhas :D

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