My lovely Wacom Tablet Case.

For this semester I was asked to buy a Wacom tablet as one of the supplies for one of my classes. And so I did. I bought a Bamboo Fun, Medium size. Well I love it. It matches my computer! But the device itself is sweet. I have fun with it.

I am still getting used to all of the Adobe Suite programs. But I love playing with my tablet, I have used it to do the baby's' shower invitation for Anna and I used it to do a Cinco de Mayo poster for a youth activity in my little sister's stake.

Well every Wednesday I have to take it to class with me. I didn't have a cover for it... and it was driving me crazy because I just knew that that scratch would show up sooner or later. I researched but didn't find much of a variety...

I talked to my friend Anna and she said she would make me one. I bought this wonderful fabric at an open house for this Etsy shop that is located near Rexburg (The Frabric Store).

Well this passed Sunday Anna sewed this beautiful case. She taught me a little bit of sewing so I sewed a couple of edges together. But the rest was all her! I love the final result. I love the Kokeshi dolls. I love everything about it.

Here are some pictures:

I am in love with it. My friend Anna is so talented and sweet!

Please contact her if you would like to own one! She will do it for U$ 20 and you can choose your fabric! :)



Anna said...

awww Jenny,you're sweet! Eu adorei fazer o cover com vc, e nem vem que vc fez um good part of it! Including the fuxicos!!!! :o)

Julie said...

Very cute Jenny!!!

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