Meet Polo

For Conference weekend we came to UT. Jack had never been to Conference at the Conference Center, so that was fun. We went to Luke's mission reunion and hung out with some of our good friends. It was a blast. I did not get any pictures because I forgot my camera in my Best Friend's car. Well Jack went back to Rexburg to face his Finals Week, and I stayed here in UT to go to a friend's wedding on Wednesday. It has been fun to stay with my family. The newest member of the family is Polo the cute puppy you see in the picture above. He is such a cute dog. My parents got him at the end of last year and he is so much FUN! My dad keeps telling us that Polo loves Jack and I (he loves Jack more than he loves me, but when Jack is not here I can have him all for myself). Ha ha. He is a smart dog and loves being with people and when he is alone he gets so sad. My family is such a dog family, they can't help it, it is pretty funny.

In the Fall, Jack and I might be moving to a place in Rexburg where they might allow small dogs. So we have been researching to see what is the best small dog for us. I think we like the Boston Terriers! Jack is going to be gone for an internship this Fall so I am more and more convinced I want a puppy to keep me company. Last Fall it was terrible being alone in that apartment.

Well it is lovely to get out of Rexburg once in a while, we went to our favorite places to eat here in UT, Pei Wei (YUM) and Chipotle! Conference was glorious! Yay for Easter Weekend!



Anonymous said...

nice work on the blog.

Anna said...

o Polo 'e mto fofo! Espero que de pra vcs terem um cachorro qndo mudarem, o Thomas vai adorar!!! :oP

Julie said...

que bonitinho Jenny!!!
Dogs are so much fun :)

Ashley de Jong said...

I SOOO want you to have the cute puppy!!! We will come visit and play with him and hang out with you if Jack goes away again! awww I want you to have that dog!

Jessy said...

Sabado agora vai ter uma feira no parque Sao Lourenco, doando cachorrinhos! Filhotes e adultos!
Eles ja tomaram a vacina e estao castrados!
Posso dar uma olhadinha pra vc! Mas acho que soh vai durar um dia a feira! =( E provavelmente vai ser soh guapequinhas igual a babushka!
Bom, espero que voce ache seu dogzinho!
E realmente nossa familia AMA cachorros! hahha!
Logo logo a Vickynha ta por ai!

Te amo!

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