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So I have this great passion for clouds. They are just nice looking (most of the time). I have this dream of hugging a cloud, I think it would be like hugging a GIANT super comfortable Pillow (I wish). How can they seem so tangible sometimes? It is so amazing. Okay this was enough to weird you all out. But here are some pictures that I took today with my cellphone. Rexburg has had crazy weather. Like my friend Brynne said, Idaho is having an Identity Crisis, they probably think they are Washington or something. Oh well. Let them decide, while we get drenched in rain and try not to step in a pond of muddy water! I hope summer comes soon. Ac

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cording to my Tabby Cat calendar, June 21st is the first day of summer. Maybe it will come then. During fathers day! I also wanted to tell you all that have not seen "Up", the new Pixar movie, to go immediately! It is a great movie, and they have one of the short movies, called Partly Cloudy, at the beginning that involves clouds. I was really happy about it! And also for those of you that wait till the credits are over to see if there is some surprise at the end... this one doesn't so you can leave shortly after.  
Well enjoy the photos. 

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