Ancient Blogger

So I haven't had the chance to post on this blog. I mean I have, but I just decided that until I came up with something good to write about, I wouldn't post. 

Well I think that I was a member of Blogger before any of you that are reading this right now. My address was www.j_e_n_n_y.blogger.com (at the time it ended with blogger.com) You won't be able to find it anymore but I remember. It was either 2001 or 2002..... yes I will do the math for you, I was 12 or 13. Weird hu??? I can't clearly remember what I "blogged" about, what could a 12 year old be possibly blogging about? From what I remember I treated it as a journal. Wish I still had it so I could read the dumb things I probably said and thought about. And compare my maturity level. Probably hasn't changed much. Ha ha. Sorry if the blog isn't very aesthetically pleasing. I am working on getting better at blogging. I am planning on having this blog as a way of escaping the busyness and the world. Maybe show you guys some things that I am interested in. And also keep my family updated on what is going on in the new Thomas' Family life. 

Thank you for reading this... if you did read it. :D 

Have a good night!

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