Harry Pot, my first plant.

So I was wondering; "Should I be updating my blog in English or in Portuguese?" Well, I haven't really decided but I think I will write it in English and when I feel like it it will be in Portuguese. I need to improve my English writing skills.

So I never know what to post about and that's why I haven't been posting. And I probably had the craziest week of the semester.... so far.

But today I just needed to post about my first plant! Ha ha. My boss gave me pieces of the "creeping charlie" that he has in his office so I could start my own. He put the pieces in this cute little pot, and told me to keep watering it so it would grow roots. I followed the instructions and now it has been really fun watching it grow. Yesterday I was looking at some pictures from the beginning of this semester and I saw my plant in a picture that I took of my living room. And today it is a lot bigger! :D So here are the comparing pictures.


We named it today, Harry Pot. Ha ha Jack's idea! Because it is getting so big I am planning on buying a bigger pot for it. Probably when we go to Utah next weekend I can stop by Ikea and get something cute. :)

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