Birthday fun

Many birthdays this season. Including mine and Jack's. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Jack and Luke yesterday. I don't think they like me snapping pictures of them, so I don't push it. But we had an awesome fun weekend. 

Friday we had some burgers for lunch and watched a Pro baseball game (Astros vs Giants) in the evening. Saturday we went to a Brazilian Steak House for lunch and attended a Pro soccer game (Dynamos vs. Real Salt Lake) at night. Both were really good games, but the soccer game hit home. It had been a while since I had been to a good soccer game. :)

Now I just need to attend a professional Football, Basketball and Volleyball game. Then I will have seen them all. 

What's your favorite sport to watch?



Bruna said...

fun!! i like watching basktball.. but its funny, im dating a twin too, and they HATE when I try to take pictures of them together!

Roberta Pavanelo said...


Anonymous said...

Volleyball!!! If you have a change go watch the BYU Men's team!!! They are awesome ;)

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