Can I wait any longer?

Jack is a music lover. Sometimes I think he loves music more than he loves me... hahaha  I don't think I can top his love for music but he taught me to love good music too.

At the beginning of October Jack found out that Bob Dylan (Jack's idol) was going to play in Tallahassee, which is less than an hour from where we live.  FREAK OUT! Haha he bought the tickets that day. And they WERE NOT cheap. Well the countdown begun for November 11th! Last week Jack came home with a funeral look on his face and almost teary-eyed. He said that he had an email in his inbox to write a REVIEW on Bob Dylan concert. The show WAS on October 11th! It was a sad day, we lost out money and we'll probably never be able to see Bob Dylan live since he is getting pretty old, maybe too old to sing.

Well we found out the same week that one of our favorite bands Iron and Wine would be playing in Tallahassee so to make up for the unfortunate event we bought tickets for that and I cannot wait!!!

If you have never heard of Iron and Wine you should check them out HERE. One of their songs was in the Twilight soundtrack (here- it is also the song we were going to dance to at our wedding reception).

Here is a song/video I really like of them. Don't judge him by his beard. I don't like facial hair but his music is amazing. 

Iron and Wine "Boy With a Coin" from Sub Pop Records on Vimeo.

If the video isn't showing, click HERE, it will take you straight to the video. Forgive my poor blogging skills!


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milaluz said...

Oi Jenny!!!
Esse bebezinho eh um sonho...muito bonzinho...
Tambem te adicionei a minha lista!

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