thrifty wizards

So Jack and I are trying to save money (who isn't?!).
Reasons why we want to save money:

-Go to Brazil
-Buy a new car
-A new guitar for Jack
-A new computer for Jack
-Pay bills/housing/school

Today we were talking over the phone and we decided that if we were wizards we could save a lot of money on transportation (plane tickets and gas are so expensive). Here are the options:

Option #1. Use floo powder and borrow someone's fireplace to get to Jack's fireplace. Anyone willing to let me borrow theirs?

Option #2. A broom, but it would have to be a Cleansweep because the Nimbuses and Firebolts are way too pricey.

Option #3. (probably the fastest and the hardest). Learn how to apparate, in the blink of an eye I would find myself next to Jack.

Option #4. Make a portkey, out of a seemingly worthless object, connected to Jack's current location.

Option #5. Magical creatures such as Thestrals and Hippogriffs could fly you to your destination.

I think I would choose option #3 even though the lessons and the test I would have to take sound intimidating, I think it would be worth it.

I am sure there are many other ways the folks in the Wizarding world could use as transportation (Knight Bus, Magic carpet, Hogwarts express, etc.) but the ones that I named sound like the most economical ones.

Oh, if only... if only.


PS: A Happy Birthday to my dear friend Brynne.


Anna said...

You're such a Harry Potter Geek.
I love it.

Brynne said...

Jenny! You make me smile...and laugh! I would go with #3 too, although touring the country on a broomstick would be pretty fantastical (that's fantastic and magical in one!). Thanks for the birthday shout-out!

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