I can officially say that I have been to California! This trip added 2 states to my list: California and Oregon. So now I have been to 17 states! It was so much fun. A nice little break from Idaho. As much as I am grateful for the opportunity to be here in Rexburg, I can't help but think that sometimes I would rather be anywhere else but here. Everywhere on the Pacific coast was extremely gorgeous.

-We drove through Oregon tried to go to Crater Lake but it was closed. We got to see some pretty parts of the park though.
-I have never seen so many Hippies in my life. It was crazy we went to this organic food store and every single male in the store had hair longer than mine. Oh yeah we saw one with short hair but he was with his boyfriend who had long hair! Ha ha
-We drove through Napa which was extremely beautiful!
-We tried to camp the first night but it was raining so it was not very fun. So the second night we just stayed at a hotel in Eureka.
-We saw the biggest trees ever and drove through a couple of them.
-We got lost in a trail for about 2 hours, and afterward we found out that that was the trail where "Big Foot" was spotted the most.
-We drove South until we hit San Francisco very different from any city I have been to but I loved it.
-I saw the Pacific for the first time.
-And we visited our friend Nicole who is leaving to go on a mission next week.

What a wonderful weekend. Although driving to California with my 2 brothers-in-law was not what I was envisioning for our one year anniversary weekend, I had a lot of fun and was amazed at the beauty of California and Oregon.

Here are some Pictures:

Can you believe how big those trees are? The Redwood Forrest was AWESOME!


Bryan and Audrey said...

Eu vi suas outras fotos tb! Q lugar LINDO! Um dia quero ir para aqueles lados! Menina, que criatividade no seu blog! Amei! E nao se preocupe...soon enough vc vai sair de Rexburg e conhecer o resto do mundo! hehe...Apesar de q amei cada ano q passei em Rexburg! But it's good to move on!
Beijinhos pra vc!

Brynne said...

I'm sooooooo jealous!! I really want to visit those parts of California. San Francisco is definitely on my "Places I reeeeally need to visit" list. Looks like you ahd a blast! :)

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