Antiquing in Cambridge, OH

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I know it has been a long time since I last updated this blog, but here is a list of a few things that have happened:
- Jack and his twin brother turned 24!
- We went to Cedar Point. AMAZING. (It was my first time at a real amusement park)
- We rode to the 2nd tallest and fastest Roller Coaster in the world called Top Thrill Dragster.
- I got a really late birthday present, a new camera!
- Jack and I sang at the Cambridge Ohio Branch's Talent Show (Carolina- Ben Gibbard)
- Jack's little brother, Ned, left to go on a mission to Ukraine.

I think those summarize everything that has been going on. Well On this post I wanted to talk about the town that we are staying at. It is called Cambridge, and it is in OH. It's a pretty small town. Definitely bigger that Rexburg (it has a SUPER Walmart!) ha ha. There is not much to do but one of the things that we have done, is antiquing! On Main Street they have at least 4 antique stores. They are awesome! I have bought several things, I wish I could get some furniture but I think that taking those to Rexburg would be kind of a pain. Below are some of the things that I have bought. Three post cards, I thought the Idaho one was pretty cool and the other 2 are form Brazil! They are Rio de Janeiro post cards. I am thinking about framing the Brazil ones up! :) I bought this sweet pair of old lady sun glasses, my favorite thing about them is how everything looks through them. It makes everything look vintage and happier.
I am getting everything ready to leave next tuesday. Going back to Rexburg. Jack will be back in November. :( 2 months apart. I hope to have time to put all of the awesome pictures we took at Cedar point, and many other we have taken with our new camera!


Anna said...

adorei os oculos e tb os post cards!!! eu AMAVA os antiques stores de ohio, tinha tanto! acredita que meu pai achou deseret money, um first edition do livro de mormon em portugues e mais um monte de coisa legal. tem um antique store em rigby, quando vc voltar a gente podia ir la, eu sempre tive vontade!

Anonymous said...


Anna said...

estou tentando.

clayton said...

Jenny...adorei seu bog!!! te amo!!

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