I'm 20!

Our birthday was last friday! :) Jessy(my twin) and I turned 20! And it was Harry Potter's Birthday too! :) Our last day in Rexburg, we had a little farewell/birthday celebration (Red Robin). Jack is going to be in Ohio until november and my birthday was coming up. It was really fun. Anna and Johan was there and our friends Jacob, Pierina, Rob, James and Carol. I love all of them. I got free Ice Cream, free Hamburger (I had a birthday coupon), balloons and they sang happy birthday! Ha ha. I wish Jessica were here, we haven't had a birthday together for a while. :(

When we got to Ohio I had another early birthday celebration with Jack's family, (before Sybil, Ned and Jeff left) They got me ice cream cake (I was talking about Ice cream cake and she didn't even know), pajamas, a Nintendo DS game (Mario Bros.- THE BEST!) and a cute shirt! :) I have the best in-laws. And we went out to eat with everyone.

This picture was taken after eating at Ruby Tuesday! Ha ha ha

On the 31st (friday), we went to Jared and Ashley's wedding and reception. It was beautiful. I love them so much. Jared used to room with Jack, that's how we met. And we were really happy to have Chad and Rebecca to hang out with. They were their photographers too! They are amazing!!!! Click here if you would like to see their AMAZING blog. I go there everyday.Between the wedding and the reception we got to walk around downtown Columbus. Which was fun. Jack was really tired so there wasn't much energy to go do stuff. But everything was great Ashley and Jared looked glorious! Sorry my pictures are not that good. Well that's all! Have a great week everyone! I will try to post more often now that I can! :D

The pictures above were taken at the Capitol building (I think it was the Capitol)

PS: Sorry Everything looks so weird colored. I've been having trouble editing the stuff on my blog. :( I suck at it.

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Bida said...

pedreirinhos eles! :D
ADOREI as fotos do casamento da Ashley, ela tava muiito linda mesmo!
mais um pra casar de cinza? eeeeeeeeee viva o jack!
e voce e o jack, pitelzinhos! principamente o jack, com aquele super estilo! ;)
te amo jenninha! (L)

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